About us

Epic Polish is a Decorative Epoxy Flooring firm based in Pune, India. We are applicators who can lay any kind of flooring with the help of new technologies and our Research in are own R&D. We represent the ‘Supreme Italian Taste’ in Decorative Floor. We are into Terrazzo, Epoxy Polished Concrete, Micro-Cement Flooring, MMA Flooring and Grinding & Polishing of Concrete Surface.

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About US

Epic polish is an authorized flooring applicator for well-known resin manufacturing companies of Indian and multinational companies. Terrazzo is a product which required a lot of research and development regarding the epoxy, aggregates and craftsmanship needed to design this product.
PU coating floor
PU coating floor
Whether for the flash of thousands of feet with the floor that takes the swiftness in an airport or train station, or contemplation and delight in some quiet surroundings, in a school planned for education of our children, or hospital, where footsteps can mean life itself, no other kind of flooring today can create so much beauty with such a long-range economy. When you build for lasting strength.
Epic Polish is an authorized flooring applicator in India for six-decade old Silikal, a renowned German Company which provides One-Day MMA Flooring. We provide solutions to Kitchens, Cold Rooms, Hall-Ways and Storage areas, with MMA Flooring (Methyl-Methacrylate).
We offer competent and competency-based skills, designed to provide all customers in the industrial, commercial and domestic markets with trust in our services. Our structure provides us with the ability to service micro and macro-based projects.
micro cement pune

Why Choose Us?

With so many companies offering epoxy flooring services, why should you choose Epic Polish for your project? Whether you are a business owner, building manager, or general contractor, our team can offer you a handful of advantages that no other epoxy flooring service can, nationwide or in your local area.

Experience & Professionalism

Ability to handle projects of any size & scope

Attention to Time and Work Schedules

A Strong Track Record and Firm Quality